Transition/Aftercare Services

We help make the transition easier.

What happens when your child is away at therapy, in-patient or local, and the program or service ends?

As parents, are you prepared for the transition back home or to your child’s next phase?

If you don’t have a plan or haven’t done the work yourself as parents, the chances of re-occurring old behaviors are substantially higher.

You don’t want to go there.

Parents Journey Coaching Transition Services helps make the transition smoother and more successful.

Here are some types of transition services.

Local Care – If your child is enrolled in a local program or has a local therapist where the program or service is ending, Parents Journey Coaching will ensure that you preserve and maintain the value achieved.

In-Patient Setting – If your child was admitted to a local hospital for mental health or other treatment and is transitioning back home, Parents Journey Coaching will help you collaborate and provide transitional support to ease the transition. Individualized support helps to reintegrate your child into everyday life.

Wilderness Therapy or Residential Treatment Aftercare – If your child is between sessions or completing time away at Wilderness Therapy or a Residential Treatment Program, Parents Journey Coaching will help you through a family dynamics and relational approach to integrate the entire family.


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