What is the Purpose of Parenting?

What is the Purpose of Parenting?

Most of us thoughtfully choose to be parents. We usually do this for several reasons, including:

• Extending our family name and values/legacy
• Giving more meaning to their life
• Giving of ourselves
• Creating a family unit

Ultimately, we hope our children will provide opportunities for them to grow and develop into responsible, happy and independent adults.

To achieve this, we seek to:

• Guide to help them navigate the world around them
• Love unconditionally
• Teach good values
• Protect them

As we all know, there’s no manual for parenting. Most of us learn from family, friends and other resources. But the best source, as Nike suggests, is just doing it.

As we experience the joys and also grind of parenting, we sometimes forget our purpose and approach.

I will be blogging ongoing to remind you about your “Why” and how to best navigate parenting. My practice is called Parents Journey Coaching because it is a journey.

I look forward to engaging with you.

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