Family Coaching

Family is the best medicine!

Wouldn’t it be great to get your entire family communicating well together at the same time?

I often work with parents themselves, especially when their children are separately receiving specific treatment. However, when and where possible, family coaching directly involving the child(ren) can provide the best outcome for the entire family.

Family coaching works because the conflict in the family almost always incorporates a breakdown in communication amongst some family members. So, getting everyone on the same page at the same time can be very effective.

As a result, I work diligently to improve a child’s symptoms, reduce family conflict, resolve a crisis or dispute, and help families thrive.

What does family coaching involve?

Family coaching enables a family to address goals that will ultimately improve their dynamics. These goals include interactions between family members, how they relate to one another, and how the family functions as a whole.

Family Coaching requires a deep understanding of the relationship between family members. I empathize with parenting struggles and understand the difficulties faced at various development stages.

My role is to assist parents in communicating better and explore and empower their children. Children who feel heard, respected, and empowered will most often make better decisions for themselves and their families.

At the same time, I also work with parents and children to educate and explain the effects of outside influences. These influences include peer pressure, academic challenges, use of technology, and drug/alcohol addiction.

Family Coaching clients may face issues such as….

  • Parenting issues for different stages, such as separation anxiety, depression, or discipline
  • Teen pregnancy
  • School dropout prevention
  • Anger or stress management
  • Poor communication
  • Marriage challenges
  • Co-Parenting