Parent Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker with expertise in parenting?

You may be part of a parenting group that wishes to learn about proven strategies that enhance parenting skills.

Perhaps you are a professional who works directly with children and their parents and hopes to create deeper relationships between the two.

You might be a leader at daycare, school, wilderness therapy, or residential treatment program that wishes to educate and inspire parents on connecting with their children in positive ways.

As a trained parenting coach with experience in many areas of parenting, I can provide the expertise that meets your needs.

Booking an expert parent speaker can transform family dynamics.

I have personal experience of being a parent of a child with mental illness and have received parent coaching. Professionally, I earned parent coaching certifications and am a male (all my life ) who can offer a unique voice and perspective.

As a result, I use this background to entertain, educate, and inspire parents about the journey they endure and how to make it more enjoyable and a smoother experience.

My clients describe me as engaging and someone who can help them plainly understands what is required to make immediate changes that will impact their relationships with their children immeasurably.

My workshops and seminars are well-organized, engaging, and include a strong balance of research and practical examples of everyday parenting experiences.

Who should attend a parenting workshop, retreat, or seminar?

Parenting workshops are for anyone who currently or may interact with children.

Potential participants include experienced parents, new or expecting parents, grandparents, foster parents, step-parents, aunts or uncles, extended family members, teachers, or professionals who regularly interact with children.

There is always something to learn and put into use. And to have an expert provide this information can help.

I cover a variety of topics at a typical workshop.

I cover topics that deal with everyday parenting issues. My goal is to better understand your parenting strengths and how to use them to connect with your children.

I hope that this knowledge and awareness will help parents make decisions that will improve their children’s lives and their confidence as parents.

Some of the topics that I address in a parenting workshop include, but aren’t limited to:

  • How children develop and what gets in their way
  • How to be attuned to your child
  • How to set and maintain boundaries
  • How to create accountability with your child
  • How to work together as parents
  • How to enhance your spouse or partner relationship while raising children
  • How to parent in a world of 24/7 social media

You can feel confident in your parenting skills!

I am committed to enhancing the dynamics of families and am passionate about what I do.

My goal as a speaker is to create positive, tangible take-aways for participants who attend my workshops, and I am authentic, practical, transparent, engaging, and motivating when speaking.

If you are ready to enroll in a parenting seminar or retreat or want to book me for a workshop or a private parenting party, then contact me at (770) 633-2260 or email me at

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and help you and other parents achieve the family that they desire and deserve.