Parent Coaching

What is parent coaching?

Parent Coaching focuses on evaluating the current challenges between parents and their children, identifying their strengths and abilities, and exploring approaches that lead to a solution.

Unlike going to a doctor, I do not prescribe a solution; rather, we build on your past successes to determine what works best for parents and their families.

As a result, we work together to generate a roadmap and action plan for familial success.

Parent coaching differs from therapy/counseling.

Parent Coaching focuses on helping clients change and improve based on their own experiences and resources to address challenges.

Therapy/Counseling helps clients change and improve and focuses on causes of mental illness, including diagnosing and prescribing specific treatments.

Parent Coaching is forward-thinking, whereas therapy tends to focus more on root causes from prior life experiences.

Coaching does not follow a therapeutic model.

Coaching uses a strengths-based methodology for providing support.

I work with parents to help them address immediate challenges and concerns and enhance parenting skills and confidence.

We focus on generating and instilling boundaries and developing more effective communication skills.

Together, we work on creating a successful transition plan as needed.

I also provide ongoing teaching and education for parents.

My clients include….

Parents/guardians of teens, young adults, or post-secondary adults with:​

  • School/academic issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Social adjustment difficulties
  • Mental illness
  • Trauma
  • Abuse or addiction
  • Family dynamic issues
  • Independent living difficulties

Some parents face longer-term challenges.

In addition to parents/guardians with children still at home, I support parents whose teen, young adult, or post-secondary adult face special challenges.
​​ I provide coaching for parents with children enrolled in traditional or therapeutic schools or at a residential treatment center.

Some of my clients have children participating in a gap year program or live in a long-term, home-based program. I also work with parents enrolled in a wilderness or adventure-based setting or at a college/university.

I coach parents with children receiving independent living skills in a young adult transition program and those transitioning from one level of care to another.

Why work with Andy?

My job is to help you better navigate your parenting challenges.

I believe I am a good fit for most parents because I have both experience and training relevant to the problems they encounter.

Having a child who battled mental illness gives me a unique perspective on having a child with special needs.

When my wife and I were struggling, we benefitted from parent coaching.

I am trained and certified as a parent coach from the JAI Institute and Parent Coach Trainers Academy.

Finally, I also have a male voice that works well with both female and male parents.

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