Top 10 Practices for Effective Parenting

What are the Top 10 areas to focus on to be an effective parent? Taken from The Late Show and David Letterman, the following is my Top 10 list: 1.     Positive Discipline Techniques: How to effectively discipline children without resorting to physical punishment or verbal abuse. 2.     Communication Skills: How to improve communication […]

What is the Purpose of Parenting?

What is the Purpose of Parenting? Most of us thoughtfully choose to be parents. We usually do this for several reasons, including: • Extending our family name and values/legacy • Giving more meaning to their life • Giving of ourselves • Creating a family unit Ultimately, we hope our children will provide opportunities for them […]

Podcast Interview

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/famous-interviews-with-joe-dimino/id1660256991?i=1000609089572   Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Inc. 500 Business Entrepreneur Turned Parent Coach Andy Goldstrom .. As the founder of Parents Journey Coaching, he is a coach who helps parents better navigate the challenges of raising children today. As […]

Social Media: Kids Vs. Parents

How parents can best manage given social media’s impact on our families. On March 29, I had the pleasure to present a virtual seminar on managing social media in your family. The landscape isn’t good and is getting worse.  The algorithms keep our kids glued to their phones and the family strife and mental illness […]

Podcast Interview – Parenting with Confidence

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/parenting-with-confidence/id1616993067?i=1000614409386 Get ready to let your children “bump” into the world in this engaging episode with Andy! Join us as he shares insightful examples and practical tips on how parents can foster independence and resilience in their kids through effective communication. Discover the power of allowing children to navigate their own experiences, providing them with […]

Conscious Parenting

Click on the below link to read my blog post on Conscious Parenting at OPLM.COM. https://oplm.com/blog/why-conscious-parenting-works/ blog